Our Purpose

At Prelude Australia, we're here to support a positive future for all children.


To support children from birth to twelve, with developmental delay and disability to grow their independence and participate in everyday life.

To partner with families and communities to build their capacity and confidence in supporting children.

To promote access and inclusion for children to develop meaningful connections in their communities.


To lead best-practice in early childhood & therapy supports

We are recognised for best practice in early childhood and therapy supports, and we lead standards of excellence. An employer of choice in the industry and trusted by families and communities. Our focus on genuine, evidence-based practice and capacity building promotes meaningful participation and independence. This ensures the children, families and communities we work with begin with opportunities that will support lifelong possibilities.

All children can access supports regardless of their diagnosis

We actively contribute to providing children who need support, access to support. We strive for a world where all children, families and communities can realise their rights and access opportunities on an equal basis to others. We recognise the power of togetherness and belonging in everything we do.

All children can access supports regardless of where they live

We deliver truly connected supports that are accessible to children, locally and in regional areas by partnering with other services. Our focus on innovation creates opportunities for more families and communities to access effective solutions in a way that best serves them, now and in the future. Being responsive; adapting with research and technology and always seeking ways to create genuine connection is central to our purpose and impact.


Our values were developed by our team to support our purpose and represent who we are as a collective of people. 

We live out our values of 

  • Respect
  • Collaboration
  • Creating Opportunities

This means:

  • We treat everyone with respect, kindness and compassion
  • We work in partnership and believe we are stronger together
  • We create a safe space to explore ideas to find solutions to achieve real outcomes

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